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Technical Data

Our design engineers will provide you with project- and case-specific calculations upon request or as part of our project agreement. We operate a “worst-case-calculation-only” policy, meaning that a structural calculation of all support structures made from Sikla-products is neither technically required nor commercially viable.

Unless otherwise stated, all load specifications refer to predominantly static loads at normal environmental temperature. “Permissible loads” relate to the main load direction affecting the Sikla-support structure. The suitability of the building structure to absorb forces transmitted from Sikla-support-structures must be checked by our customer.

Permissible forces and -moments describe the maximum load resulting from external impact. They follow the safety concept of Eurocode 3 (EN 1993). The overall safety factor (with partial safety factors γM and γF) was factored in for these values.

For the dimensioning of assembly units, e.g. steel frames, the permissible load for each component must be checked, in order to determine the maximum load capacity based on the weakest link.
Our standard coatings and base-materials are compatible with the following environmental conditions:

Surface / material               
Corrosivity category
according to EN ISO
Zinc-plated up to ≤ C1
HCP and HDG up to ≤ C4
stainless steel up to ≤ C5

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