Together we build.

Product Development

Sikla system products are developed in response to feedback from our clients. Internal and external specialists join forces in order to balance technical desire with commercial viability.

Our system’s components are manufactured by a robust OEM network which allows us to respond flexibly to project-related supply & demand fluctuation. At present, 90% of our manufacturing is 'Made in Europe'.

A Brief History of Sikla’s Inventions

MI - Pressix 30

1995  |  Pressix CC 30

Sikla introduced the first fast-assembly strut system.

MI - Simotec

1998  |  Simotec

Sikla introduced the first modular steelwork system for industrial piping.

MI - Pressix CC 41

2005  |  Pressix CC 41

The first 41mm strut-compatible “speednuts” and fast-connecting-brackets.

MI - siFramo 80

2006  |  siFramo 80

The first 3-dimensional steel framing system without hot-work requirements.

MI - Pressix CC 27

2008  |  Pressix CC 27

Introduction of our fast-connecting mini-channel system “CC27”

MI - Rohrlager

2010  |  Re-Design pipe shoes

Flexible off-the-shelf pipe shoes with regulatory compliance.

MI - siFramo neu

2014  |  siFramo - New dimensions

Extension of the 3-dimensional “siFramo” system to cover heavy-duty-applications.